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New Disease Spread By Mosquitoes Could Be Biggest Killer Yet

New disease type

we're talking about a deadly virus that mosquitoes are currently spreading around u.s. at the time of this writ, it's believed the virus has killed eight infected 27 across six states but the number of those who have been affected across the country is currently unknown the virus is called eastern equine encephalitis virus or AEV for short and is believed to be deadly for about one-third of people who contracted although not everyone always show signs of contracting the virus some symptoms of infection can include chills fever malaise joint and muscle pain.
now the infection can affect your body meaning it's systemic or your brain meaning its ends if oolitic unfortunately the latter of the two is much more severe which can lead to fever headache irritability restlessness drowsiness anorexia vomiting diarrhoea cyan's convulsions and a coma according to the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention Although there is no cure for the disease a systemic infection tends to last one to two weeks on average you're considered to have made a full recovery if there are no signs of your central nervous system being affected.
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New Disease Spread By Mosquitoes Could Be Biggest Killer Yet
however it is possible for the systemic infection to turn into and facility after a few days of symptoms for older children and adults whereas the symptoms are abrupt when infecting an infant the virus is more likely to be fatal for children and older adults more specifically those under 15 and over 50 it seems those who succumb to the virus will do so anywhere between two to ten days after the first sign of symptoms with that being said every case is unique and depends on the person's age and overall health some may feel the symptoms of a common cold or a flu.

while others will need to be hospitalised as previously mentioned because there is no cure officials recommend if you're living in any infected areas to limit your time outside at peak hours such as early mornings or late evenings when the weather isn't as warm they also recommend you to wear layers long sleeves and pants to cover as much skin as possible and of course use a repellent as of this recording there have been confirmed cases of the virus in Michigan Road Island to North Carolina Massachusetts Connecticut and New Jersey with at least one death being confirmed in Rode Island Connecticut and New Jersey - in Massachusetts and three in Michigan on average annually it's believed there are only five to ten cases of the incurable virus per year.
but as you can see this year's numbers are three times higher affected towns and states are urging their locals to only go outside if they need to and have being outside when the Sun Goes Down or at dawn which is believed to be when mosquitoes are most active as mosquitoes do like to be by the water areas with swamps and bodies of water even swimming pools are likely to attract them of course when the cold weather does come the mosquitoes will slowly start to either die out or move elsewhere but unfortunately not expected to happen for another few weeks at the very least as always.

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