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6 People Rescued After Being Held Captive In Basement For 9 YEARS

held captive for 9 years

six people have been rescued by Dutch police after they were being held captive in the basement of a farmhouse for nine whole years when you watch TV shows and movies that follow this plotline there's always that feeling that like something like this could never happen but it did.
6 People Rescued After Being Held Captive In Basement For 9 YEARS
6 People Rescued After Being Held Captive In Basement For 9 YEARS
started when a 25 year old man with a long beard stumbled into a cafe and told the employees that he hadn't been outside in nine years according to the cafe's owner Chris Westar Beek he had long hair a dirty beard his clothes were old and he looked confused he said I quote you could see he had no idea where he was or what he was doing the men proceeded to order five beers drank them all.
and then he told Westar week that he had escaped and needed help relatable honestly then help everybody else when he was finished chugging the man said that he was the eldest and his brothers and sisters were being held captive on a farm that's when police went to a remote property in Runa world a farmhouse that was in the dark countryside that was almost completely boarded up and invisible from the road it was hidden from the main road because it was surrounded by trees police searched the house and managed to find a secret staircase hidden behind a livingroom cupboard they went down into the cellar and found six people between the ages of 18 to 25 years old yo what is going on here I told you this is like the part of a movie but wait the plot thickens police also found a 58-year-old man who's refusing to cooperate initial reports described him as being the father.

but it turns out he wasn't the guy who owned the place he was just a tenant there he's currently under investigation but has suffered a stroke and is bedridden he was found lying in a bed in the basement these names haven't been released and they haven't been publicly identified but that also might be because several of them don't officially exist according to reports the family had no contact with the outside world they lived off a vegetable plot and farm animals some of them believed that no other people existed it's believed that they were locked inside the house and several of them weren't even registered when they were born police found makeshift living quarters where the family was living in hiding local news reports also say that the family were waiting for the end of time.
so I'm not really sure what that means maybe it means there's some sort of like doomsday cult or something honestly I feel like half our subscribers are living in an apocalypse bunker but that doesn't explain why the eldest sibling escaped and wanted to rescue the rest of his family the six family members are reportedly receiving medical treatment.

so how did this go on notice for so long according to a neighbor who was living a couple hundred meters away from the property they had no idea about this simply saying this is the countryside if someone does not want contact and you accept that uh hell no you don't what that's a really weird excuse but okay another neighbors said that they thought something was strange when they realized the gates of the property was always locked up they said they tried to look into the yard with another neighbor but saw a camera hanging from a tree this neighbor also says something quite troublesome a police car was seen parked in front of the house several times so they thought that the police were well aware of what was going on in the house I would really like to provide more information to you guys but there honestly isn't much as of right now we will keep you updated on the story as more info comes to light

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