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What If You Were The Last Human On Earth?

Consider the possibility that You Were The Last Human On Earth.

What would you do if you were the last human on earth? Itís a question we have asked ourselves or someone we know before. Asking that question is usually just for fun, but if the question became a reality, it definitely wouldnít be very much funÖor would it?  Imagine you woke up one day to find that there was no one else around. No cars driving past, no people on the streetÖjust silence. As a result of decades of population decline, the human race has gone extinct, and you are the last person alive. What do you do in that situation? WellÖyou could pretty much do anything you wanted that doesnít rely on other people. You would be king or queen of the world, but your kingdom would be empty. At first, it would be quite calming. All you would hear is the wind, the chirping of birds and maybe a dog bark or two.
What If You Were The Last Human On Earth?
What If You Were The Last Human On Earth?

Perhaps you wouldnít know you were the last person on earthÖso you would attempt to find ways to communicate with others. Perhaps by radio. Once you did finally realize that there was no one elseÖThen reality would set inÖyou have no family. No loved ones. No one to talk to. It poses the questionÖcould you handle the solitude? Survival instincts would soon set in. You would need to find shelter, food, and clothing. Enough to sustain you. Your survival is now dependent on one personÖyourself. There will be millions of survival books available for you. You will have to learn things like water filtration, hunting techniques, engine repair. A person can survive 6 weeks without foodÖyet only 6 days without water. If there was no one left on earthÖthere would be no electricityÖand definitely no running water.

You would have to stock up water stored in domestic tanks and bottles. But how long would that water last? Not very long, unfortunately. You would have to keep moving around from place to place, raiding supermarkets for food and medical supplies. You could survive off of canned food for quite some time, decades even. Fresh produce however would not be an option, unless you managed to grow it yourself or learned to hunt. It would be hard, but it would have to be done. You would have to get yourself a gun to do this, and practice. Personal hygiene would also be an issue. The only hot water you could get would be from boiling on a gas stove. You would have to bathe in rivers or lakes. What about the question of injuries?

You would have to be extremely careful not to get injured, as there will be no one to tend to your injuries. Broken limbs, if left untreated could be fatal. You would probably move away from the cities. Without maintenance, buildings would begin to crumble, and ultimately be unsafe. This will likely happen within 10 years. You would have to get around by taking gas from abandoned cars by taking it out manually with a petrol pump taken from a gas station. The good news is, you could finally go to the places you couldnít before, in an abandoned Bugatti perhaps, and speed down the highway as fast as you wanted.

Depending on where you live, you could go to the white house, The royal palace, or even area 51 to see if there really are aliens there. The world is truly your oyster, you can live anywhere you want. No more borders, no more immigration laws. But Humans also need to be social. Human happiness is derived from relationships. You would obviously need companionship of some kind, so maybe you would get yourself a dog. Heck, go crazy, why not a few dogs who you can train to help you hunt, and even protect you. Keep in mind, you also need to feed the company you keep. Years would pass, and you would spend them listening to music, reading, sitting by a beautiful view. Perhaps you would try to make a legacy of some kind. 

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