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What If The World Lost Oxygen For 1 Minute?

What If the World Lost Oxygen for one Second

in this article we're asking what if the world lost oxygen for one minute there is a bit of a possible double interpretation here what if we lost air for a minute and what if all the oxygen molecules in the world disappears one would be awful the other would be catastrophic because I love you and they don't believe in questions unanswered where possible I'm going to answer both if we lost air for a minute that would understand we must panic or though panic is terrible for a lack of oxygen the more your body panicked some more oxygen it needs meaning you're more likely to pass out if the oxygen went we would need to conserve our energy we would also really need to be indoors why well.
What If The World Lost Oxygen For 1 Minute?
but his oxygen makes up the ozone layer and it deflects UV rays without it we would have a greater risk of exposure and serious sunburn this sky would become a lot darker a lot like the sky towards the end of dust this is because there would be fewer particles in the atmosphere to scatter the blue light from the Sun the air would also lose around 21% of its pressure making our ears pop and making us feel light-headed most dramatically perhaps would be the lack of fire fires need oxygen to burn this goes for internal combustion engines that integral to cars and airplanes if we lost oxygen for just one minute cars and planes would literally stop working which could be really catastrophic.

if you're inside of course nothing would be as catastrophic as if we lost all oxygen molecules all together that pretty much be a civilization ender oxygen can be found in a majority of compounds on earth not just in the atmosphere oxidization means that metals don't bleed together when they touch without oxygens metals would confine breaking multi-metal electronic devices right off the bat although really that would be the very least of our worries the Earth's crust, for example, is 47 percent oxygen without it.

it would crumble and collapse in on itself causing irreparable structural damage to the earth sir this would, of course, cause the mother of all worldwide earthquakes although without oxygen everything made of concrete would have already crumbled into a dust you know what also would be trying to dust yeah don't worry about choking when you inhale all of that fall and building dust our bodies are almost 60% water you know.

what makes water two parts worth of hydrogen and one particle of oxygen without the O and h2o we would become phones and gassy particles nice speaking of water say goodbye to the ocean without all that oxygen the ocean would turn to hydrogen which is a lighter element and would begin to drift off up eventually without the ozone layer the hydrogen gases would bleed out into space never to return marine life will obviously perish although as almost all living things contain oxygen particles they were doomed from the start if all of the oxygen was gone even just for one minute everybody would die cars and planes would break down the sky would be dark buildings would crumble the earth would collapse in on itself and the oceans would evaporate leaving a rugged shell of a land of course if it was just the air we breathe we would probably be fine probably.

but still doesn't this article give you a fine appreciation for that life-giving elements it is oxygen what a gaseous babe it is here's to you oxygen old pal never leave us seriously though thanks guys for tuning in to this episode of life's biggest questions what is your favorite element in the periodic table aside from our may oxygen quick enough to go with magnesium.

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