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What If Our Universe Is An Atom?

World's Top Scientists Ponder

 What If The Whole Universe Is, Like, One Atom?

have you ever looked to a diagram of the building blocks of all matter the atom and thought hmm that's pretty interesting kinda looks like our solar system doesn't it see how the planets move around the Sun yeah that's that's kind of like the nucleus and the neutrons and protons that comprise it hey that's pretty cool right but have you ever thought about the actual extent of this orbital function have you ever thought that somewhere somehow if you kept stripping away the layers a single atom could perhaps comprise an entire universe separate to our own
World's Top Scientists Ponder: What If The Whole Universe Is, Like, One Atom?
now we're going to have to do a few mental gymnastics and vault up to this incredibly broad idea from both a scientific and philosophical perspective you see from a scientific perspective the answer to this question is incredibly simple no or well we don't know given the fact that under the current scientific model there is no evidence theoretical or otherwise to support the fact that there is a universe inside each nucleus of an atom and in turn our own universe is one of those atoms in an infinite kaleidoscope of universes and atoms which is a mind-boggling Thorne in its own right and perhaps we should slow down but that's by the by you see even.

if someone somewhere managed to crunch the parameters behind such a notion the extent of it would be even more mind-boggling if each nucleus of an atom did have a universe contained inside of it then the number of universes inside of this already expanding universe which is expanding would be unimaginable and then in turn would all of those micro universes then also be composed of atoms and then that each of those contains another universe within its nucleus, yeah you can see where this is going right the fact that we can say no to this question from the off though is down to one thing

we already know that the nucleus of an atom has a finite number of subatomic particles protons and neutrons whose weight is definitive and whose quantity is no we know that but within the infinite parameters of what this notion would propose knowing the quantity of something is in direct opposition to that the universe and the galaxies within it armed made up of hundreds of billions of stars more than the number of quarks in a nuclei which we are already aware of we also know another thing that dismisses this the forces that hold an atom together part of the four forces of fundamental interaction is a strong force and the electromagnetic force.

now in our current understanding of physics the strong force can only work on really small distances and the electromagnetic force is even more specific which acts as the interaction between charged particles basically in the laws of they're very small they're the things that keep atoms together but if we apply that to this hypothetical notion where our universe unless every solar system within it act on the same principles as an atom that's where a clear contradiction lives the distance between galaxies as we all know is quite large yeah just tear that to NASA it's a pretty big distance and thus the strong force has already been eliminated it just couldn't exist the other nail in the coffin is that the simple fact is galaxies do not have an electrical charge making the second force insignificant .

so yeah there goes electromagnetic force as well you see our understanding of the universe is split into two very clear and important camps the science of the very big the macro or the solar systems and galaxies that comprise our universe and the science of the very small the study of the subatomic and quantum mechanics the science of the very big is illustrated perfectly by classical physics and Sir Isaac Newton's laws of motion which defines how and why things move the way that they move planets and solar systems included however the crossover between the science of the very big and the science of the very small eludes us because we know that these same laws of physics drastically change when things are extremely small .

 when they are extremely big this crossover is known as the theory of everything a theory which doesn't yet exist and is the holy grail of physicists and the curious minds of our species now in the application of this hypothetical situation in the notion of our universe being a universal myriad of the subatomic level it is clearly contradicted at the subatomic level things become erratic and uncertain concepts like position speed and motion completely lose their meaning things pop in and out of existence, as is the case with quantum entanglement particles,

can exist in two places at the same time and whilst that's pretty run-of-the-mill in the quantum state in the macro yeah we know that two identical things can't exist in the same place at the same time in different places and at different times and so all of these models all of these clearly defined phenomena that scientists have painstakingly devoted the study of their lives to quickly defeat the notion of our universe existing within the same principles of the atom case closed show's over folks but there is also one thing that we do know we know nothing well not exactly nothing because that would discredit the genius of the brilliant minds that have already established our very clear understanding of what we do know about the macro and the micro but surely we can't be certain about everything because.

then we would have well the theory of everything you see it's human nature for us to look for a pattern in things which is why the notion of our solar system and thus the universe resembling the function of the atom is so clearly compelling however although a beautiful and romantic notion and again deep within the fabric of our cosmos the hidden secrets of dark matter dark energy black holes the Higgs boson and many other things that we don't know could add some form of enlightenment to what we think we know about the nature of the universe but right now there are just too many contradictions for us to accept any form of truth behind it that is the purpose of science we do know one thing though in the pursuit of bridging the gap between the science of the very small and the science of the very big the only thing that waiters are looking at the universe from a completely different perspective .

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