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What If Our Solar System Had Two Suns?

imagine the possibility that Our Solar System Has Two Suns.

What If Our Solar System Had Two Suns?
What If Our Solar System Had Two Suns?
theory several scientists believe that our solar system already has two suns or has had two sons wait what and yeah it is as terrifying as it sounds potentially anyway back in the early 1980s scientists noticed that the mass extinction events on earth seemed to fall in line with the same cyclical pattern these mass extinctions seem to occur more frequently in ancient history roughly every 27 million years you see it was strangely accurate this in turn led researchers to turn to astronomical events for some kind of an explanation now it is very important to note that this is very much a fringe theory but the substance of nemesis is still worthy of taking a look at in 1984 Richard Muller of the University of California Berkeley suggested that a red dwarf star situated one point five light-years away from our solar system could be a brown or white dwarf or a low mass star several strokes as massive as Jupiter.
but the thing is all of these explanations would cast a dim light in other terms making nemesis incredibly difficult to spot by astronomers in relation to the correlation of nemesis and these mass extinction events scientists have speculated that the potential second son may be affected by a region of our solar system known as the Oort cloud this area is made up of icy rocks in a portion of space that lies beyond the range of Pluto.

now to cut a long story short is theorized that nemesis travels through the Oort cloud every 27 million years or so checking out a load of extra comics from its sphere and in turn, sending them hurtling towards the inner solar system and thus the earth goodbye dinosaurs you know how that story goes right.

now it's important to note that nemesis is very much a fringe theory and its existence is not supported by any kind of credible evidence but instead only theoretical models however it does lead to an idea of what a solar system would be like with two suns because the point is any sort of Sun is without a doubt an incredibly powerful solar body and for any kind of binary star systems to exist one of them needs to be more powerful than the other gravitationally speaking of course because in 2017 a study suggested that nearly all-stars like .

our Sun were born with companions now part of this study detailed evidence of young stars born in the Perseus molecular cloud of which they frequently appeared to be twinned during their binary creation in fact it seems that pretty much every star born in the galaxy are born in pairs in fact our nearest neighbor Alpha Centauri is not just a binary system.

but in fact a triplet system there's three of them in this respect the likelihood of a son having a companion and thus our solar system having two sons starts to become much more likely and the existence of Nemesis frighteningly becomes a reality however scientists who support this theory are pretty confident that if Nemesis did exist then it disappeared millennia ago breaking apart from our Suns binary gravity and disappearing into the murky cosmos to live its own life deep within the Milky Way never to be seen again.

so long and thanks for the asteroids I guess it would explain why astronomers have yet to find direct evidence of nemesis existence and seemingly give us less cause for concern about the terrifying potential of the Oort cloud you notice that's a whole different story you see the possibility of as ever witnessing a sunset similar to that of Luke Skywalker on Tatooine is pretty much impossible if any solar system has two suns then they would have to be far outside of the others orbital influence for things.

they even get to the point of harboring life also if we applied this hypothetical situation to our solar system right this second life on earth would be pretty much impossible with two suns day and I would have completely different meaning during the day it would be Hellfire nights would be staggered and inconsistent and this season's would be relatively impossible if you could call them that and sure you know how the answer usually goes life on earth would it would end pretty quickly sorry guys in fact the incomprehensibly powerful gravitational waves caused by two suns would make it night impossible for any planetary bodies to ever form with two suns in relatively close proximity the surrounding solar system would be a violent and impossibly chaotic environment only planets on the fringe of their orbital influence would be able to exist and if we apply two suns to our solar system the only feasible planet to survive would be Pluto.

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