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New iPhone 11 Is Triggering People's Trypophobia

New iPhone 11 Is Setting off Individuals' Trypophobia

Apple had their annual event where they announced all the amazing things to come their new software their best iPhone yet you know the same thing every year but this year's announcement is getting people talking for the wrong reasons two of the three new iPhone recently announced the iPhone 11 pro and iPhone 11 Pro Mac's have a feature that is causing people to lose their minds literally well not literally but more specifically the three rear cameras the wide ultra-wide and telephoto lenses are triggering people who suffer from trypophobia.
New iPhone 11 Is Triggering People's Trypophobia

now if you're anything like me you probably have no idea what that is not to fear well you might if you have it but I'm here to explain it to you trypophobia is an emotional reaction to clustered patterns of holes or bumps technically it's not considered a mental disorder and isn't officially in the Miriam Webster dictionary at least that I could find instead it falls under a category of specific phobias where fear is involved and evokes distressing emotional reaction the reason behind this phobia in the first place well unless them in traumatic happen to you like I don't know you phones a bunch of holes as a kid or something it's believed those affected by trypophobia don't really have much control over their fear.

it's an evolutionary thing research which was published in a journal cognition and emotion suggests the fear is linked to pass diseases and parasites such as smallpox measles scarlet fever you get it and that's all what triggered this deep-rooted anxiety in the first place so pretty much subconsciously we see small holes and it makes us uncomfortable because we relate it to some pretty awful disease and skin conditions even including ticks and botfly if you don't know if botfly is looked it up I don't want to explain it pretty much if a mosquito bites you they could lay their eggs in you and then larvae eat their way from your skin inside to the out it's just it's awful.

so how will this affect the new iPhone well it may or may not affect sales currently phone sales in general seem to be down which is why Apple unveiled three options of the iPhone with their cheapest one the iPhone 11 coming in at a reasonable price tag of 600 $99.99 I say reasonable in comparison to the standard thousand-dollar phones we've come to consider normal the iPhone 11 only has two lenses on the rear so that phone may be the hot commodity.

at least among those with the sphere but according to dr. Jeff Cole of vision scientists at the University of Essex everyone suffers from the phobia I quote it's just a matter of degrees I won't lie looking at some of the photos with this made me cringe a bit but I could stare at a photo and not be that worried or uncomfortable however apparently some people have claimed that makes them throw up and in very severe cases miss work now if you suffer an extreme case of this phobia I am sort here I genuinely am it's not uncommon as the likes of Kendall Jenner and American Horror Story star Sarah Paulsen have both admitted they suffer as well but hey if you're like me and the site of the iPhones cameras make you slightly uncomfortable well this might be beneficial for us if the iPhone Maxx and pro sales are down because of this you can expect phone providers to give some sweet deals just to clear inventory that being said we're talking about a new iPhone here guys they're going to sell it's just wishful thinking on my end

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