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Massive Asteroid Could End The World In 2 Weeks, Doomsday Asteroid 2000 QW7

NASA is warning everyone about an asteroid bigger than the shard that is going to whiz past earth in September the space rock is called asteroid 2000 qw7.
we are rating an asteroid that is between 290 meters and 650 meters long or if you're American 951 and 2,000 132 feet that is a pretty big gap not gonna lie it is bigger than the tallest building in London measuring 310 meters and the tallest building on the planet the Burj Khalifa in Dubai is not much bigger standing at 830 meters tall 650 meters is like close to a kilometer this asteroid might as well be a moon a moon is gonna make its closest approach to use on the 14th of September scientists think that an asteroid that's around 30 times the size of asteroid 2,000 qw7 is what killed off the dinosaurs according to NASA Center for near-Earth object studies this asteroid is traveling at 14,400 miles per hour or 23,000 kilometers per hour.

Doomsday Asteroid 2000 QW7
but how close is it gonna get us huh look I get that this asteroid is massive and it could end the world if it hit us but I mean there's like there's a lot of space in space NASA said that it's gonna pass by the earth at a distance of 3.3 million miles which sounds like a lot but any celestial object that gets between 9 and 2.9 million miles of our planet is considered a near-earth object it is labeled as potentially hazardous if you're wondering.
why there are so many stories about asteroids it's because there are about 18,000 near-earth objects that are currently identified as of a 2018 report put together by Planetary org this isn't the first time asteroid 2000 qw7 passed by earth it orbits the Sun and it passes by earth every 20 years or so it laughed past us on the 1st of September in the year 2000 the next time it'll fly by us is in October of 2013 8 while this asteroid isn't gonna get much close to us experts have previously said that it's only a matter of time before an asteroid gets a little too close for comfort one of those asteroids is Apophis set to just great past our planet in 2029 this asteroid is gonna get.

so close to us that the gravity of the earth will likely change the way it spins and it might even cause small avalanches and high-altitude areas of the earth the scary thing is the changing of the way it spins could change its next possible flyby and it might affect it in such a way that makes it more likely to collide with earth here's a video sure to NASA's YouTube channel that shows just how close Apophis will get those little blue dot
yeah those are satellites that orbit our planet and Apophis will get closer than that tweeting about the asteroid Elon Musk said that we currently have no defense for an asteroid strike there are also some scientists Russian scientists that say that it could smash into the earth at some point they say that Apophis is path around the Sun means there are 100 possible collisions between Apophis and our earth and the most dangerous collision is set to take place in 2060 9 NASA disagrees however NASA scientists claim that there is a 1 in 250,000 chance that it will actually hit our planet.
but we are not raising Apophis today on asteroid review we've been there we've done that ok today.

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