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Hurricane Dorian is Second violent Hurricane in history the Bahamas

all right you guys something the winds have gone down to 155 miles per hour the pressure has risen that's the sign of the system slightly we will say slightly weakening but again it is a major hurricane category 4 causing catastrophic damage for parts of the northwestern half the Bahamas unfortunately though it is not taking that North turn according to the National Hurricane Center those stating it's moving west still at 1 mile per hour so basically just crawling and damaging the northwestern half of the Bahamas as a category 4 hurricane.
Hurricane Dorian is Second violent Hurricane in history the Bahamas
ow so the outer bands of the system still very strong devastating and unfortunately is going to continue to bring more rain more storm surge more devastating conditions for the northwestern half of the Bahamas and the length of the system so this is what I want you to understand how large the system is from the west to the east it's about 240 miles the length of it so keep that in mind when you're thinking of it just creeping up the coast of the central portions of our States and into northern Florida because how large it means that we're going to continue to see those bands wrapping around that eyewall the strongest part of the hurricane the damaging winds will continue to push towards the northwest now it is located again just a little over 110 miles east of West Palm Beach Florida.

but tropical-storm-force winds extend out from the center 140 miles now that's why we are continuing to see the possibility of tropical-storm-force winds for Fort Lauderdale obviously much stronger winds for West Palm Beach and the closest approach will be later as today into this evening and again we're just waiting for that north direction to take place as it does so that's where we're going to see the most impressive impacts for parts of the central portions of the state staying north.

of us so again looks as though that the tropical storm watch is still in effect there is a hurricane watch still in effect and a tropical storm warning in effect for West Palm Beach for a Fort Lauderdale the advisories have not changed we just got that in so it looks as though a tropical storm watch is still expected with tropical-storm-force winds for Fort Lauderdale here is the new forecast cone it looks as though it still has it moving to the west-northwest hugging our coastline from Central Florida all the way up towards northern flow becoming a category three as it's just up the coast.

of Daytona Beach and possibly making that northeastern to stop the coast of the southeastern United States so again the models are things we completely watch in these scenarios because we have that GFS model and the European model and it looks as though they're keeping that system very close to the coast of Florida for us here in South Florida what does that mean for your local impacts while South Florida we're gonna deal with the possibility of tropical-storm-force winds in Fort Lauderdale hence why there is a tropical storm watch south of that area.

so Miami and towards Miami Shores Miami Springs for you sending me those emails in Homestead it looks as though you'll be dealing with the possibility of some tropical-storm-force wind gust embedded in the thunderstorm activity that will be pushing around the center of Hurricane Dorian going into the latter half of our day and into this evening tropical-storm-force winds begin at 39 miles per hour reach up to 73 miles per hour some roof damage and tree damage possible.

now the effectiveness will start once again later this afternoon especially the strongest winds will be in Broward and obviously going up to West Palm Beach that will continue going into Tuesday morning and Tuesday afternoon the timing this afternoon for Miami Dade you could start to see some winds of 20 to 30 miles per hour much stronger by this afternoon going into Broward but this morning we're already seeing some gusts as seen in the 20s in Palm Beach already felt with this activity while a lot more on this coming up in just a bit because I need to go to the radar and show you what the winds are right.

now but I want to toss it over to meteorologist 11 advisory okay Julia worried we just got this so I'm going through what the National Hurricane Center it's is putting out and there's no changes in the watches or warnings all that's still the same so that would be Broward under the tropical storm watch tropical storm warning to the north hurricane watch in effect in Palm Beach County as well so it looks like we still of course have a very powerful hurricane all morning long we've been talking about how the storm isn't looking quite as well-structured as it once was I'm not surprised that the at the down rating it's still a 100 55 almost cat 5 hurricane but officially at cat 4 still crawling a 1 mile per hour and what typically happens under this scenario is you see the storm when they go into these cycles these changes.

they expand they become larger we've been saying this all morning long winds drop down a little bit then they pick right back up as a secondary eyewall it can close back in you'll see that that's the old one watch what happens as we put it into motion that one goes away now there's this bigger one it's twice as big as the old one it's just a massive eyewall now and it's going over almost a free port and back toward the east side of Grand Bahama Island and still just crawling.

now earlier today it did actually make a little jog north where you can see that there and now it looks like it's probably gonna resume its westward tracks so sweet and key you've been in it for hours it's been an eyewall over portions of some of these islands of Grand Bahama Island I should say for hours and hours it's just an unbelievable mauling the Grand Bahama has taken today okay so moving forward here there you can see it stopped us the latest radar imagery the strongest part of its the southern section it looks like

so tremendous storm surge going over here near Sweeting Key pull the view out you can see it's still about 120 miles off and some of these bands that we're going to be watching through the day this is the future radar and you can see it kind of lash us with some of these bands but this is still just fringe effects for South Florida it's closer than we would like but this is not going to be our storm in South Florida they're gonna have to be on guard to the north though as this is still a very dangerous storm for points north so friends and family up along the Space Coast this could still be cap for strength as we go through.

to so tonight and Tuesday really by Tuesday morning it takes that northward turn and then by Wednesday up here just north of Orlando north of Melbourne and this is still a very dangerous area it's gonna be close if it doesn't make a landfall it's gonna be close and they're still gonna get massive impacts and then Georgia South Carolina North Carolina as we get to late this week probably weakening but a massive storm Thursday and Friday they're really gonna watch it near Cape Hatteras and then even the Northeast.

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