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Can a nuclear bomb blow up a hurricane?

What If We Nuked A Hurricane?

this ingenious approach most importantly neglects the problem that the released radioactive fallout would very rapidly move with the trade winds to affect other land areas and then cause utterly devastating environmental problems you know when they try a new Godzilla and he just gets angrier yeah it's like that I mean despite the fact that hurricanes are absolutely devastating in their own right the amount of wind energy that hurricane produces equals around half of the world's electricity production in a single year and not only that.
Can a cyclone be blown up?
What If We Nuked A Hurricane?
but the heat energy of a fully formed hurricane is equivalent to a 10 Megaton nuclear bomb exploding every 20 minutes and if that's too much mathematics for you let's simplify the equation if you drop a nuclear bomb on a hurricane you end up with a radioactive nuclear hurricane and unless you're in the business of creating an incredibly niche superheroes origin story nothing good has ever come from the phrase a radioactive nuclear hurricane you see that's not to say that trying to diminish the devastation unleashed by these storm systems isn't a noble pursuit in fact it's critical it's necessary and with rising sea levels and increasing average temperature due to climate change these hurricanes are only set to become more.

destructive we have to boil it down to the fact though that the ancient modicum of wisdom aptly applies to this situation you can't fight fire with fire just like you can't nuke a hurricane but there are other ideas and with the potential to save thousands of lives and avoid billions of dollars in damage many engineers and advocates for technology intervention such as Bill Gates himself are attempting to combat hurricanes more plausibly as in no nuclear weapons.

I mean if you've seen the 1996 movie twister under anything about project Stormfury you'll already know that attempting to nullify tropical storms by seeding them with silver iodide has already been tried on countless occasions too little constructive effect it doesn't work guys I'm sorry it was a nice idea and it was a great movie don't despair though because other ideas have ranged from bombarding cyclones with sonic booms to beaming down microwaves from a space station into emerging storms health there's even been a proposal to build a giant tube in the ocean and cool the whole thing down a little bit but the fact of the matter remains nuking a hurricane is firmly off the table it's just a terrible idea and also a pretty good way to kickstart the apocalypse

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