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10 Jobs That Won't Exist In 10 Years

10 Disappearing Jobs That Won't Exist in 10 Years: Professions That Won't Guarantee Career Opportunities

hey guys , today we're going to be looking at ten jobs that won't exist in ten years let me give you guys some free career advice do not get any of the jobs we're gonna list on this article the reason is because technology is changing every day and changing every industry of course some jobs will be there in ten years but a lot won't so whether you guys are between jobs or in school educate yourself and know what jobs to get and what jobs not to get but first help me keep my job by share this is article in social media.
first we have truck driver truck driving is a prevalent job that a lot of people have you don't need a ton of degrees to do it and it doesn't pay too badly in the USA there are around 20 million truck drivers but those numbers have been dropping off every year and will continue to do so more and more.
10 Disappearing Jobs That Won't Exist in 10 Years: Professions That Won't Guarantee Career Opportunities
so why are all these jobs in truck driving being lost well it's due to one thing Automation are things now being delivered by drone like Amazon wants to do well that's not the case and it won't be even in ten years however self-driving trucks are becoming more and more mainstream in November 2017 Elon Musk unveiled a new Tesla auto semi truck this self-driving truck is totally electric and requires no human being and amazingly the treichel costs less than fifty thousand dollars companies figure why pay someone fifty thousand dollars a year when I can spend it once on a truck and keep it for 20 years so unfortunately automation is going to wipe out a lot of truck driving jobs and presidential candidate Andrew yang actually says Americans should fear this more than anything that's simply because such a huge number of Americans drive trucks for a living and soon if they won't have that job next up is referee everyone loves watching sports maybe when you were younger your dream was to become a professional sports player after all that is what a massive percentage of kids say they want to do when they're older.

but as many of them will find out it's incredibly tough and competitive so maybe you think it would be easy to get a job in sports as a referee or umpire well sorry part in ten years those jobs will be no more you see the thing about human referees is they make mistakes but a robot or AI referee simply wouldn't it would be way too precise and we'll be able to see exactly where any ball lands no more disputes about bad biased or corrupt refs also players will never get argue or physical with a robot not only that robots are not influenced by a crowd opposing players or coaches in professional football they're already using cameras to see if the ball goes offside and the same is true for tennis as it was used in Wimbledon this year so if you thought refereeing would be a cool job then sorry but that job will soon be a thing of the past next up is social media expert you may be saying charlie social media is taking over the world if it hasn't done already.

so why on earth would social media expert not be a job in 10 years well don't worry social media isn't going anywhere instead it's because social media experts will be replaced by everyday individuals the next generation will grow up with social media completely ingrained into their life think about it the average five-year-old nowadays knows how to use an iPad this means social media will be within human nature more or less you won't need any special training or expertise as it will be so second nature already we're seeing very young people take off all by themselves and social media and get huge for example rapper Lil mouse ex who made the song old town road started off on Twitter he used the platform to boost up his music and it's now made him a multi-millionaire.

next up is pilot in ten years things like self-driving cars trucks and trains will be normal but have you ever thought about a self flying plane chances are you haven't as there's none commercially available right now but they are the future of air travel you see pilots can't sometimes make mistakes and cause plane crashes but AI is much more refined and makes way less mistakes of course not everyone's going to get on board with the idea of pilot Planes right now but for most of a flight planes are an autopilot anyway and let's be honest humans adapt to technology pretty well Boeing has actually already released their autonomous aircraft and they say that within the next four years it will be commercially available for airlines to buy this will apparently bring down air travel costs and it will also cause less incidents in the air like plane crashes think about it airplanes have been the same for a very long time while everything else like cars and buses and trains change airplanes do not but in 10 years many expect that sell flying planes will be pretty commonplace at least in the USA next up is a factory worker.

if you live in a manufacturing town chances are you've seen at least one factory closure well that's because factory jobs are decreasing but not worldwide the reason why these jobs are going away is for two reasons the first reason is the American economy nowadays many companies are relocating to countries like China or India where labor is much cheaper and another reason is automation nowadays factories can make things cheaper faster and more efficiently than humans this means many factory owners see no need for humans so they simply use robots instead so unless you happen to be watching from China or India sorry but if you have a factory job but that may be going away pretty soon.

next up we have taxi driver when's the last time you took a taxi I wouldn't be surprised if you couldn't remember seeing as apps like uber are so commonplace now uber is now much cheaper than taxis and syncs up with smartphones this means the days of hailing down a yellow taxi are long gone in London many taxi drivers recently protested against uber however this led to a 25% spike and uber downloads and even if uber didn't take over from taxis chances are self-driving cars would anyway along with the jobs of taxi drivers taxi dispatchers are also going to we no longer need a middleman when it comes to ordering a taxi now we can simply pull out our phones go on to Oba or left and do it ourselves.

next up is cashier I'm sure many people start a job was a cashier of some form maybe it was in a supermarket or a convenience store or maybe a fast-food restaurant well no matter what the location cashier jobs are going very quickly if you walk into many major McDonald's you'll be greeted by a screen instead of a human being he then pick what you want on the screen pay for it and it's then served up to you by a Kirk the same is true if you buy something in the supermarket if you've only got a couple of items chances are you'll do it yourself out the self checkout machine wow it seems all these jobs that are disappearing are becoming our jobs you have to arrange your own taxi check out your own items although it can be pretty good if you're buying something embarrassing but even if self-checkout machines don't completely take over from all cashiers then things like Amazon well nowadays people are even using Amazon to buy things like fresh groceries so cashiers are going to go very quick.

next up is telemarketer that's right those people who call you up trying to sell you insurance or anything else under the sun and will soon not have jobs but if you're happy about this then you shouldn't be you see just because telemarketing jobs won't exist doesn't mean we will stop getting telemarketing calls instead these people will simply be replaced by robots now that AI can understand exactly what you mean and give you a good response we no longer need human beings so we'll still get those very annoying phone calls but we'll have to hang up on a robot instead of a human being I guess on the bright side you'll feel less rude when doing.

so next up is postal worker it used to be fun to get an email and a real drag to get a letter in the post but now things different it's a drag to get lots of emails and it's fun when you actually receive a handwritten letter but when's the last time you wrote or received a handwritten letter chances are you can't remember and I hardly need to explain why there's texting phone calls social media and email now all I get in the post is adverts for local pizza restaurants people don't realize this but thousands of postal jobs are disappearing every also when it comes to packages private companies like UPS and FedEx are taking over but UPS and FedEx workers don't think you're safe Amazon for example are trying out drones to deliver packages so in 10 years we may order something and a drone will fly and give it to us within hours that sure will be handy but it will also result in a lot of lost jobs.

and next up on the list we have farmer jobs and agriculture are very important and always will be the reason why the farming industry is mentioned in the news so much is because it's the lifeblood of many countries most countries export a lot of products and obviously farms literally feed the world but many farming jobs will disappear within 10 years and that's because technology is taking over the industry nowadays people are using tech to produce more yield also farming used to be very tiring long work but if you have robots doing it and not people it doesn't really matter or so many are complaining about the environmental damage caused by farming cows that's why some scientists are now lab growing meat so in 10 years farmers might resemble scientists more than anything so guys those were some jobs that won't exist in ten years check out the poll on the top right corner to food for the disappearing job you found most surprising.

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