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What If You Detonated All Nuclear Bombs at Once?

Hey guys we're going to be looking at what if we detonated every nuclear bomb at once. 
I'm sure we all have a lot of really burning questions, for example, what if gravity stopped all of a sudden and what if we poured a glass of water onto the Sun well in this video we're going to be answering those questions along with a bunch more if you want to cure your brains curiosity.

What if we detonated every nuke at once?

I'm sure the most burning question on your mind is what if we detonated every nuclear bomb at once well the answer to this question is it wouldn't be good you see right now. 
if You Detonated All Nuclear Bombs at Once
there are over 15,000 nukes on earth there are 4,500 cities on earth and it would only take three nukes to destroy each one this means it would only take 13,500 nukes to destroy every city on earth and this would also leave at 1,500 extra nukes unused but most people don't really get the power of one you let alone 15,000 well to put that into perspective that's around three billion tons of TNT one ton of TNT is around the size of an average human being. 

so just imagine that times by 3 billion 15,000 nukes it's also 15 times the energy of the crack at our volcano this was the worst volcanic eruption in history but what if this 15,000 UC's all went off at the same time well these nukes would basically make a fireball surrounding the entire world the fireball would be around 50 kilometers across and it would wipe out everything in a 3,000 kilometer radius. 

believe it or not no matter where you are in the world you would actually hear the explosion even if you aren't an island in the middle of the ocean that you'd still hear it also there would be a pressure wave circling the world for weeks that's right the pressure wave would actually circle around the world meaning everyone would experience it at different times not only that there would be the infamous mushroom cloud that emerges after a nuke. 

but instead of the relatively small mushroom cloud, we're used to seeing this one would stretch into space and the aliens flying by would wonder why there's suddenly a mushroom sprouting out from earth not only that if you live in South America then sorry. 

but you'll likely be set on fire that's because the nukes fireball would spread to the Amazon rainforest very quickly this would then create the largest fire known to man and it would burn down the entire continent of South Africa and even if you weren't anywhere near the nuke chances are you won't make it out of this alive that's because eventually, the radiation from these 15k nukes would wipe out everyone and everything. 

the blast radius would be hundreds of kilometers around that would make these areas inhabitable and because weather and winds can actually accentuate radiation if this means nowhere is safe perhaps a few government-owned secret nuclear bunkers would be okay but if the 15,000 Youk's went off near enough to them they would also be wiped out too that's right even the world's most powerful and wealthy can't escape if every nuke went off at once. 
What If You Detonated All Nuclear Bombs at Once?
so now you know why people freaked out so much when Kim jong-un threatens to send a nuke over of course one nuke wouldn't be as bad but it would still be pretty bad but all of the world's 15 thousand youths coming off at once would mean at the end of the world now on to our next what-if question. 

what if gravity stopped? 

all of a sudden it seems crazy to think because gravity has been around forever, of course, Isaac Newton realized the theory of gravity when an apple fell on his head but gravity is what keeps us from floating off into outer space well if gravity did suddenly stop then anything that's not actually attached to earth would float away things like large buildings built into the earth would probably remain intact but all humans and even small trees and animals would all float into space. 

but if the planet itself is actually held together by gravity that means gradually chunks of earth would float up into space and within a few hundred years most of the earth wouldn't be on earth anymore instead it would be floating around space with everything else this situation would also mean every human a would be eliminated that's because every human and animal would be pulled into outer space and of course there's no oxygen for us to breathe up there so we'd all pass away the next question we have is 

what if we poured a glass of water onto the Sun?

it seems silly pouring water on the hottest thing in the universe but what would happen when the Sun actually go out would it have any impact at all well I think it goes without saying that nothing would happen if he poured a small glass of water onto the Sun but what if we got a big enough glass that could hold enough water to put out the Sun you have to remember the Sun is like a 2.5 billion square mile fire well water only puts out fires. 

because fire can't burn through the coating of water but you have to remember there's no air in space and water cannot stop the thermonuclear reactions that causes the Sun to burn in the first place so really even if you had a water glass ten times the size of the Sun all of the water and it would simply burn there's no limit to how much water you can pour on the Sun it will just burn up and be eaten up by the Sun amazingly pouring all this water on the Sun would actually make it burns, even more, the sound would be much much brighter if we poured a ginormous glass of water on it that's.

because in water there are vapors like hydrogen and oxygen that's because in water there are hydrogen and oxygen atoms these would then be absorbed by the Sun hydrogen actually helps thermonuclear reactions and adding oxygen to the Sun would make a new start so pouring a giant glass of water on the Sun does not put it out instead it makes the Sunburn even brighter and also makes a whole new Sun the next what-if question on our list is 

what if the moon disappeared?

have you ever wondered what purpose does the moon actually serve obviously it lights up the night sky for us so we can see at night but would anything else happen if the moon disappeared well the first thing we would notice is our planet would begin to spin at double the normal speed this would mean the Sun rotates around us much more quickly and it would cause.

there to only be eight hours in a day instead of 24 this would also mean we'd have around a thousand days in the year instead of 365 also if there was no moon we would have a very dramatic climate change we would have very different seasons and the world would get much hotter because we wouldn't have the gravitational pull of the moon this would mean various things would happen to the Earth's core this would cause things like earthquakes and volcanoes on earth. 

so next time you look up at the moon and think what do you can remind yourself the world would be a much worse place without the moon and finally the last what-if question on our list is 
what if the earth lost all oxygen for 5 seconds?

now oxygen is obviously very important it's what plants produce through photosynthesis to help humans breathe but would losing oxygen for just five seconds really have such a big impact on the earth well try holding your breath for five seconds. 

if you are able to do that you'll see that losing oxygen is not such a big deal for five seconds but that's only when it comes to breathing what about all the other things that oxygen does for us first off oxygen protects us from UV radiation this means if there was no oxygen we'd all have terrible sunburns instantly also water is one third oxygen everyone knows water is H2O. 

so if there wasn't that oxygen in the water then all of the water in the world would evaporate also if you live in a city built out of concrete then say goodbye to it that's because oxygen binds concrete and keeps it together if there was no oxygen in the world then all of these concrete buildings would collapse also because oxygen makes particles to  scatter light this would mean the sky would be black that's right we'd have a 24/7 night sky. 

so even if we lost all oxygen for five seconds and then it came back the world would still end that's because all of our buildings would be destroyed and all of our water would be dried up not only that we'd all have terrible sunburns and BP recovering from a very scary black sky.

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