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Top 10 SCARY Things That Will Happen If The Amazon Burns Down

the Amazon rainforest is burning at a record rate according to the National Institute for Space Research who's been tracking fires in the Amazon since 2013 it's the highest rate on record there have been a total of, 70, -two thousand eight hundred and, 40, three fires in Brazil in 2019 alone and a half of those fires took place in the Amazon which is an 80% increase since last year the Amazon is often referred to as the Earth's lungs because it produces 20% of the oxygen in the Earth's atmosphere but a loss of oxygen is in all we have to worry about if the Amazon rainforest burns down.
you are about to hear the top 10 scary things that will happen if the Amazon rainforest burns down to buckle.
SCARY Things That Will Happen If The Amazon Burns Down
up at number 10 less rain according to a 2012 study in the scientific journal Nature the Amazon is responsible for bringing rain to areas surrounding it without it the countries in and around the rainforest will have far less rainfall even in places like as far south as southern Brazil which is a rich agricultural area and also Paraguay and Uruguay the crop value in Brazil is worth an estimated sixty-five point five-six billion dollars u.s.

some of the crops produced in Brazil include rice cotton soybean wheat sugar cane beans tobacco and many different types of fruit if the Amazon rainforest burns down we will likely lose immediate access to those crops which will make them far more expensive and harder to purchase for the poor in addition farmers and the entire agriculture industry will suffer including everyone employed by that industry hanging on to my last point.

at number 9 drought no more rain no more clean drinking water no more water for crops not vegetarian guess what livestock needs water to survive there will be no more water for beef ranchers who are also one of the reasons why the rainforest is being cleared isn't that ironic droughts will get much worse as more and more of the rainforest goes and that will inevitably affect food and water supplies.

number 8 on our list is flooding in regions of the Amazon rainfall has reduced by 25% how exactly does less rain mean more flooding well I am glad you asked trees and their roots prevent erosion when it rains take the trees out of that equation and that rain is free to flow and flood that flooding will spill out into surrounding areas affecting towns cities and metropolis 'as I'll touch a little more on this in a future point but living conditions in many parts of Brazil are already so poor because of unpredictable weather that landslides and flooding are common entire communities are wiped away and those poor people who already live in destitute conditions will have nowhere to go sliding. 

into number 7 loss of biodiversity even now as it's burning those species are burning with it and many of them are threatened already endangered and on the verge of extinction even if not all of them are wiped out it will be harder for the remaining species to find other animals to breed with to top it all off we don't even know about all of the species that live there a new species are being discovered in that rainforest every single day imagine how many we have already lost.

at 6 poor people and more refugees 30 million people live in the Amazon many people rely on the Amazon rainforest for food income housing and medicinal plants that save lives 300 million people rely on rainforests for various reasons if the Amazon rainforest burns down where will all those people go they will have to migrate to cities which will make the cities more populated Brazil is already one of the poorest countries in the world and many of the poorest people live in slums called Flavel --is which are already extremely overpopulated and desolate 50 million Brazilians live in an adequate housing sanitation in these areas is poor and crime and violence rates are high those crime rates.

will only increase if even more people are forced to live in those slums disease will spread because those living conditions are so poor the world will have a major humanitarian crisis on our hands and those people might be forced to seek asylum in neighboring countries like the United States see you at their halfway.

there at number 5 we will uncontacted tribes some of the only uncontacted tribes left on planet earth live within the Amazon rainforest we don't know a heck of a lot about in our way of life the only glimpses into their world have been documented using aerial footage in 2013 it was estimated that there are around a hundred uncontacted tribes left most of them live within the Amazon and New Guinea uncontacted tribes are under threat both due to deforestation and the burning of the Amazon rainforest if you don't care about plants or animals or indigenous peoples because they don't affect you consider.

this next point and there were 4 loss of medical possibilities according to as rainforest trust almost 90% of all human diseases are treatable with prescription drugs and guess where those prescription drugs get their ingredients to nature things like snake venom various types of mold periwinkle all of which originated in the Amazon rainforest they say that the cure for cancer could be lying somewhere within the deepest parts of that rainforest just waiting to be discovered but if the Amazon rainforest goes. 

we might never find it at number 3 more fires fewer trees less rain more droughts means more fires there's already a huge increase in fires due to deforestation and the number of fires and the intensity of those fires will only increase without the rainforest those fires will spread to places that are more densely inhabited by humans we will lose buildings and houses and people will inevitably die because they live and work in those buildings and houses many won't have places to live at number 2 smoke the fires are releasing huge blankets of smoke visible from space that we as humans breathe in and not just in regions in and around the Amazon surrounding regions are being affected as well smoke travels through wind and it will reach major urban areas as far south as Rio have you seen what the sky looks like in Brazil right now it is madness the Sun has been completely blocked out and people are breathing in that air.

and at number 1 global warming will speed up as if it needed a kick in the butt the Amazon is considered vital in slowing the process of global warming because of the sheer amount of oxygen it emits without the Amazon greenhouse gases like carbon will increase in the atmosphere and this will affect everyone according to National Geographic tremendous quantities of the planet-warming house gases will be released tropical forest researcher Adrian Esquivel Mull Burt was quoted saying if we mess up with the Amazon carbon dioxide emissions will increase

so massively that everyone will suffer from poor air quality hotter global temperatures which are already unbearable in many places poor air quality has led to an increase in respiratory illnesses like asthma bronchitis emphysema and possibly cancer well there you have it are you scared yet I'm sweating share this video spread the word use hashtag pray for Amazonia for now I'm gonna wrap up this video with some common features from my last video the Amazon rainforest is burning down sapphic Stevie said the lack of media coverage is terrifying I know I think when I was researching that story I saw like two sources which are so strange because the fires have been burning for a couple of weeks now thankfully the mainstream media is paying attention now

but they sure took a while didn't they use men said ironic how the world cares more about oil and gasoline than oxygen right now why would people care about oxygen oxygen is free Connor Knight said I just learned about this today was just kayaking out in the wilderness I really hope people help calm this fire I love nature and we need to preserve it I can honestly say that going to the Amazon rainforest was one of the most memorable parts of my childhood I don't remember much about my childhood but I definitely remember sleeping in the rainforest and oddly really disliking those howler monkeys but regardless I would be sad if there were no howler monkeys that is it for me and thanks for reading the article

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