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The Amazon Rainforest Is BURNING DOWN

If you didn't know as of now, the amazon rainforest in brazil is being desolated by backwoods fires, so enormous that the smoke can be seen from space. have you guys ever been to the Amazon rainforest? I definitely have and its an experience I’ll never forget. There’s something truly amazing about falling asleep to the sounds of howler monkeys and cicadas, and waking up at 5 am to feed a chicken to a giant crocodile. But unless something is done soon, future generations will never get to experience the true magnificence of the amazon rainforest.
The amazon rainforest is on fire.
The Amazon Rainforest Is BURNING DOWN
The fires have affected several places, Mato Grosso, Amazonas, Para, and Rondonia. These photos were captured by NASA on August 11th and 13th by their Aqua satellite. It is not uncommon for there to be fires in the amazon rainforest around this time of year. Fire activity normally begins in July and August and it peaks early September.
Farmers prepare for the fires every year by setting their fields ablaze so that they can clear land for crops. Normally fires are not a cause for worry because of the humidity in this area. But last week, smoke from the fires forced Amazonas to declare a state of emergency around 2 weeks ago. Drought is becoming very common due to climate change, and human activities have led to a spike in the sheer number of fires.

 The amount of fires in brazil has gone up 82 percent in 2019 in comparison with 2018. Human-caused fires are becoming an issue in the Amazon, it is one of the main methods of illegal deforestation. The practice has been banned at this time of year because of the high risk of fires spreading due to drier conditions.

But that hasn’t stopped people from causing this spike in fires. According to Ricardo Mello, amazon program manager from the worldwide fund for nature, in the Amazon, there are no natural processes that cause fires. He said I quote, every fire in the Amazon region is somehow started by the human being. So this increase is directly caused by the action of man. Other sources say there is no way the weather can explain this increase in fires.

Researchers at Nasa’s Goddard center warned that the layer of smoke stretched across 3.2 square kilometers or 1.2 million square miles over Latin America. That equates to roughly one-third of the united states. The hashtag pray for Amazonia was trending on Twitter, and many social media users were quick to criticize brazil’s president Jair Bolsonaro and his administration for not doing more. Here’s a tweet. Brazil's leader is doing nothing to stop what's going on with the amazon rainforest. My legacy is from brazil, and it is so miserable to perceive what's going on. It looks like a movie, but it is now. Pray for Brazil.

This isn’t just some forest, this is the amazon rainforest. It supplies a huge chunk of the oxygen that we as humans breathe, more than 20 percent of the oxygen of the world is produced in the Amazon, and more than half of the world 10 million species of plants, animals, and insects live there.

Nevertheless, experts are warning that the rainforest is being cleared so quickly that it is approaching a tipping point, and after it passes that tipping point, it will never be able to recover. Tell me your thoughts on this one down in the comments, and do what you can to spread the word. If enough people are angry about the loss of the amazon, the Brazillian government might be forced to do something. For now, I’m going to wrap up this article and lighten the mood with some comment features.

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