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We Are Finally Going Back To The Moon In 4 Years

US VP Mike Pence has declared that NASA is on track to return space explorers on the moon by 2024 it won't just be arriving at the moon NASA also plans to land the first woman on the moon by 2024 girl-power my friend and the plan is to use the moon as a jump point to get to Mars.
We Are Finally Going Back To The Moon In 4 Years
a half a century after letting the first human beings on the moon NASA's Artemis program is sending astronauts back to the moon and the plan is to stay there as they put it in their viral video the plan is to put some peeps on the moon and then build some places for those peeps to stay not only stay thrive and those peeps are gonna live there during a multi-month expedition to the South Pole but NASA isn't only trying to go back to the moon let's face it we've already done that old news my friends give me something else.

 there's not much up there other than some rocks and some water bears apparently and as much as I love a water bear it's not a good enough reason to go back to the moon the purpose of going back there is to set up a permanent outpost that astronauts will use as a part Waypoint to get to Mars.
We Are Finally Going Back To The Moon In 4 Years
 Mike Pence said and his opening remarks to the National Space Council this week the Artemis mission has already begun we are well on our way to making NASA's moon to Mars mission a reality pen said that using what we learn on the moon will bring us closer to the day as the president said that American astronauts will plant the Stars and Stripes on the surface of Mars all of this is not going to be an easy task there is a long list of to do's.

 like the Apollo mission the Artemis mission requires a giant rocket which is currently in development moon Landers as well and a deep-space crew capsule called Orion which has been in development for about ten years the spacesuits are also being redesigned and according to a 2017 report they are still many years away from having new suits ready for deep space exploration NASA also needs to build a sustainable outpost near the lunar surface that's called Gateway which will be a space station that will go into orbit around the moon.
We Are Finally Going Back To The Moon In 4 Years
so get people to the space station then travel to the moon using Landers and then get marks people a lot of this is dependent on whether or not NASA can find the funding NASA is currently trying to find commercial collaborators particularly to make the hardware for the lander.

 NASA has yet to make the decision on the company there are also signs that NASA employees are overworked and unhappy there have been three high-ranking NASA officials that have either left or been reassigned in the last year alone usually this is a pretty big red flag that indicates the NASA's employees are unhappy with how the agency is being.

run it will definitely be impressive if the mission goes ahead as planned but you can't really rush greatness Kenya I mean this took 29 years what kind of thing yeah okay NASA is under a time crunch because the government really wants to get to the moon by 2024 but all of this hardware has to be tested to make sure that it's safe and with the planned mission only five short years
away let's hope this Hardware is safe because people's lives depend on it.

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