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Why Dead Whales Are So Dangerous

Why Standing Near a Whale Is Dangerous 

Hey guys , we're going to be looking at why dead whales are so dangerous whales are obviously one of the biggest animals of all time now unlike sharks whales don't often go for humans and try and eat them however when whales are no longer alive they become even more dangerous than an alive shark that why on earth with this big today we're going to find out.
Why Dead Whales Are So Dangerous
but first subscribe and press the notification bell to this week on the coast of England over seven whales have washed up these whales are usually absolutely massive and often wash up on beaches where people often go for the day this is a phenomena called beaching beaching is where sea animals go up onto the land instead of being in the ocean than of course because they need water to breathe they die now this is not just happened with whales, in fact, every year on the UK alone around 2,000 animals beached themselves however whales do this more than any other animal and believe it or not it's actually a scientific mystery as to why this is around 2,000 water animals beached themselves every year in the UK alone.

but around one thousand of those are whales the most common type of whale to do this is a sperm whale there are various reasons to try and explain this bizarre phenomena one of them is the weather some say that if there are bad weather whales may get disorientated and go towards the shore another reason is that whales hunt too close to the shore they hunt for their prey too close to the shore and then pulled in by the waves then because of the weakness of some whales this could mean they can't get back into the ocean and a 2004 study by the University of Tasmania came up with another potential reason that is that well sometimes encounter navigation errors that is where they think they're going one way.

but actually they're going the wrong way towards the shore they begin to follow their prey closer to land and then they're unable to navigate away from the shore all of these things are what would be known as natural strandings.

but there's another kind of stranding which is called a follow-me strand the reason why so many whales beached themselves is mainly because of Follow Me strandings you see whales actually travel in pods this means many whales often travel together to try and get the most prey possible that's because whales survival is all about eating however whales can communicate very very well and from far distances for example if one whale expresses distress then the rest of the pod may try and locate them.

but that means if one whale is beached then their entire group or pod will also become beached this is called a follow-me stranding is their following the rest of their pod to the shore this is why sometimes you see various.

beached whales on the same beach chances are their part of the same part they heard one member of their pod in distress and all came to them that's because they wanted to help them but little did they know they were stranded and they cannot be helped because whales are so heavy once they're on the shore there's almost no way they were able to get back into the sea follow me strandings can also be caused by whales following dolphins or porpoises into waters that are too shallow dolphins and porpoises may be able to get out.

but because whales are so big and heavy they can't turn back around and they get stuck on the beaches after whales get stranded they can't breathe as they need water to breathe this makes the whales die which is when they get incredibly dangerous.

but where exactly two whales become dangerous after they pass away after all for most animals if they've passed away this would mean they're totally safe well the reason why dead whales are so dangerous is because of when they're dead they explode now don't get confused there's not a bunch of TNT sitting in every whale first off let's look at what happens when a whale dies normally in the wild normally when a whale dies it would sink to the ocean floor it would then be picked apart by sharks.

fish and tiny bone-eating worms it could actually take around thirty years for this to decompose and be eaten by sea life God went away this beached it has a totally different death instead gas builds up inside the whale's stomach that's because its contents begin to decompose however this gas cannot be released due to the wells very thick-skinned Wells not only have thick skin.

but they also have tough blubber this means all of the gases from the decomposing contents of their stomach cannot be released the whales bodyweight then causes all of their orifices to close up this means any holes in their body begin to close making the problem even more severe this will cause a whale to swell up but after this happens.

how exactly do they explode well believe it or not exploding whales are not natural instead they're man-made oftentimes beached whales provoke a lot of interest people on the beach may go up to them try and move them or poke them.

but if just any old person does this the whale will explode and that person could also pass on just imagine tons of whale guts flying at you at a hundred miles an hour chances are you're not going to survive and believe it or not people do pass away every year from whales exploding.

that's why governments will actually hire a professional degassing these people will make the whales explode in a controlled fashion these people wear full biohazard suits they know exactly what they're doing and they have to have training for years as the job is so dangerous now this actually does happen with other animals.

but seeing as whales have such thick blubber it makes it even more dangerous with whales and seeing as whales are the largest animal in the world then this makes it even more noticeable and dangerous one marine biologist named Aunt Ruth Allah has said a decomposing whale is the worst smell in the world we all know that rotting fish doesn't smell good well the decomposing whale is like that bad times a thousand the most recent person to pass away from a whale exploding happened in 2013 the guy was named George and this happened in Oregon USA.

so if you ever see a beached whale do not go anywhere near it and definitely do not poke it move it or touch it just the slightest tear could cause it to explode and then you will no longer be alive instead you should actually call up your local government they will send round a professional degassed to deal with the situation try to make sure you're nowhere near it it happens the explosions can be so bad it can send whale guts flying up to a mile in the air these guts can then fall all over the place sometimes destroying cars and even if it doesn't hit you it still produces the worst smell known to man.

so, guys, that's why dead whales are much more dangerous than when they're an alive vote in the poll in the top right corner whether you would ever want to be a professional whale degassing personally I wouldn't even though the paychecks are pretty good it's very dangerous and smells bad.

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