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What If We Dumped Our Trash in Volcanos?

Hey guys، we're going to be looking at what if we have done tower trash into volcanoes we clearly have a big problem on this planet with waste each year the USA alone makes around 300 million tons of trash but the question is where to put it if we put it in landfill then this takes up a lot of space 
so wouldn't it be convenient just to dump it all in a big volcano to incinerate it well today we're going to look at if we could do that or not .
- if we wanted to dump our trash into volcanoes?
What If We Dumped Our Trash in Volcanos?
the first hurdle we'd come to is transportation first off in the whole world there are only 1500 active volcanoes he would need the volcano to be active as otherwise there'd be no lava to incinerate our trash now obviously these 1,500 volcanoes are pretty big this means they were technically fit all of the trash. 
we create but one issue is how would you get the trash to the volcanoes each person generates around four and a half pounds of trash per day so that means we'd need to find an active volcano it near to our trash not many people live near active volcanoes.

 so this means it would take a ton of time at fuel and money simply to transport our trash to the volcanoes but technically through the use of planes boats and trucks, it would be possible but now for the main problem with dumping our trash into volcanoes.

 and that is simply how dangerous it would be when you imagine dumping trash into a volcano you likely imagine throwing garbage into a hole in a cone but unfortunately real volcanoes are nowhere near as neat as this, in reality, there's actually a gigantic crater most volcanoes are actually classified as stratovolcanoes that's because they have occasional lava flows and also because of the hot gases and magma built up inside them they do sometimes have small explosions these small explosions fire a lava up into the air and then down into the surrounding areas.
 so if you were a garbage man then your job just got a hundred times more dangerous Paul.
 so you couldn't simply drive a garbage truck onto this volcano most volcanoes do not have a neat path to their crater.

 so it would be very difficult to throw the trash into an explosive volcano obviously volcano is very spontaneous and unproductive.
 so you never know when they're going to explode or erupted most volcanoes bubble at their surface and spew out bits of molten rock ash and gases if you were to stand anywhere near this then you would not be alive for very long but let's say we don't use a garbage truck or a garbage man to dump our trash into volcanoes maybe we use a different device like a crane for example and no I don't mean the bird I mean at the giant mechanical construction well, unfortunately, we would still have an issue with eruptions .

when something cold hits a massive lava this can result in a massive explosion and even an eruption believe it or not in 2002 researchers in Ethiopia actually tried this they dumped a bunch of cold material into a volcano but this resulted in a ginormous eruption of that volcano but that was just a small bit of trash let's imagine a 66 pound bag of trash this would be the average weekly trash bag of a family of four well if you dump this into a volcano it could send lava around 300 feet up into the air this would obviously fall down around the surrounding areas.
 so anyone who lived anywhere near these volcanoes would need to move and if they didn't then they wouldn't have much choice has their house would be destroyed by falling lava obviously one big downside to things like landfill is the pollution it causes landfill contaminates the soilless barrier in producing methane is a greenhouse gas 21 times more powerful than co2 and these greenhouse gases go on to cause a lot of global warming but sadly dumping our trash into volcanoes would be just as bad
 if not worse for the environment trash incinerators we use today have a lot of regulations that's to prevent it being too bad for the environment the incinerators try their best to make sure minimal amounts of smoke go into our air but obviously you can't really govern or regulate a volcano this means dumping things into volcanoes will cause a lot of smoke to go into the atmosphere and because you can't use technology on a volcano it can't filter out things like carbon monoxide or sulfur dioxide this means all of this stuff will be going up into the air and polluting our world even more.
 so even if we could dump our trash into volcanoes it may be more convenient but it would be way worse for the environment.
 so we can't throw general trash into volcanoes too bad but what about specialized waste for example medical waste or nuclear waste these things tend to be very dangerous and are very hard to get rid of well unfortunately volcanoes although they seem very powerful and not more powerful than nuclear fuel volcanoes simply are not hot enough to sterilize things like medical waste and they're also not hot enough to melt down nuclear fuel the temperature of an average volcano is around 2100 degrees Fahrenheit, of course, that is very hot but not hot enough to melt down nuclear fuel or sterilize medical waste and for those six reasons we cannot dump our trash into volcanoes it would be a logistical nightmare to do it would be dangerous for the people doing it it would cause lots of eruptions and gas explosions it would cause a lot of air pollution and make our world even more polluted and finally we couldn't even get rid of things like nuclear waste or medical waste anyway.
 so sorry volcanoes fight you just not that useful at least not for getting rid of the trash so well dumping trash may seem like an ideal idea in a cartoon world, unfortunately, it isn't but some people still say we should try it out.

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