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Things About Homes in The USA That Puzzle Foreigners

Hey guys, we're going to be looking at ten things about homes in the USA that puzzle foreigners if you live in the United States I'm sure you see all the things in your home as totally normal but around the world people have totally different houses and if you're not from the US then prepare to be stunned by the weird things Americans have in their homes.
Things About Homes in The USA That Puzzle Foreigners
 - coming up first we have single faucets in many countries for example the UK you have two different tabs or faucets but hop across the pond and there's only one that's right the American ethos is one faucet to rule them all in many countries you have to choose between washing your hands in boiling hot water or freezing cold water or if you're a genius you can turn them on both at the same time and have medium water but in the USA there's just one faucet the water comes out of this will be the case in almost every kitchen and bathroom in the USA instead of having one hot and one cold tap there's just one usually you simply turn that one single tap too hot or cold the reason why the USA only has one faucet is because their plumbing system is different from many other countries in countries.

 where there are two taps water usually sits in a tank where it's not deemed to be safe that's because the waters been sitting building up bacteria for too long next up is huge refrigerators you may assume that refrigerators are all made equal but that's simply not the case one Internet user said they did a house swap with their friends from the UK when they got to their home in the UK if they actually had to call their friends and ask where the fridge was when they were told that they were surprised as they thought their normal fridge was some kind of mini fridge that's because refrigerators in the USA are huge or huge instead of them having one door it's actually common for them to have to they may also be kitted out with fancy gadgets like ice makers and some smart fridges now even have screens.

 but I'm pretty sure most people in America don't have there the reason why is because American food is often sold in larger packaging not only that people in America often buy more groceries than those in the rest of the world also outside of the USA many people leave foods outside of the fridge for example in many countries eggs butter cheese and beer are left out of the fridge next up is toilets now for a very essential room in every house .

the bathroom there are actually a few toilet differences in the USA compared to the rest of the world first off American toilets are much lower down than the ones in Europe European toilets are usually much much higher than American toilets for some reason some say the reason why America has low sitting toilets is because it's more like how our caveman ancestors squatted on the ground it's actually more natural to squat near the ground to do our business for some reason Americans have taken this into account while the rest of the world has not but that's not the only difference about American toilets if you're not American and going to visit the states you may assume your toilets being clogged this could be hugely embarrassing.

but don't worry it may not be the case that's because in America their toilet bowls are full of water instead of their only being a small bitter fall to the toilet bowls are usually pretty fuller this prevents the bowls getting too dirty and staining the porcelain white this also means that American toilets smell better and they don't have to be brushed as often but at the downside there's an increase in splashing if you know what I mean and finally one extra difference about American toilets is sometimes there's a gap in the toilet seat you may see these on public toilets or people's toilets in their homes if you're not American you may ask what is this well the idea is in public toilets you're supposed to put toilet seat covers in this provides some extra hygiene but what about in your own home well you can put things.

 for example toilet seat covers over to make it warmer that's right you can actually buy fuzzy toilet seat covers to make your toilet seat warmer next up is single floor this one isn't about a single room in an American home instead it's a fact about American houses in general if you go to most countries houses will have at least two floors sometimes three but in the USA despite the houses being very big they're usually all on one floor in the UK these would be known as bungalows they're actually pretty uncommon but in the States single floor homes are the norm in the USA homes are usually spread out horizontally but in many places, for example, European countries they're more vertical.

 next up is garbage disposals around the world if you have food waste you simply put it in the trash but in the USA you may put it down your sink that is because in America they have something it called garbage disposals over 50 percent of American homes have a garbage disposal but they're pretty much unheard of in every other country some say these provide better sanitation and limit smells coming from your trash can the reason why many countries don't have garbage disposals is because instant garbage disposals are banned in many countries the reason why is because many countries don't want food wastes added to wastewater that's because it will use more energy again at a later date to err separated into sewage waste and some sewage plants are too small and would need an upgrade to do this.

next up we have flags if there's one thing Americans love is their flag people from outside the USA will be stunned to know that kids actually pledge allegiance to the flag every morning in school and if you travel around u.s. say you'll see many homes with at least one flag outside their home this may be on a flagpole or hanging of their house this isn't something you'll see in many countries but the USA has a strong sense of pride when it comes to their flag and finally on the list of things about American homes that puzzle foreigners we have ACS in many countries having an ACS not very common and in some countries like the UK you'll see things such as radiators to heat homes but in the USA ACS aren't just common it's how they use Twitch are instead of opening a window taking off a few layers or using a fan Americans may keep their ACS running all through the summer this is not the most cost-efficient way to do things but it does feel really nice one french man moved to Boston wrote online about his experiences in America in the summer he said why do you guys leave the a/c on when there's.

 so many windows he complained that many buildings he went into were actually too cold and really the reason why AC is left on is that it's all about the luxury there's no need to worry about acclimatizing or changing clothing when you can keep your home exactly.

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