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solar power. How it was made

The Burning Sun
ADVERTISEMENTS: till the year 1939, the origin of the sun's energy wasn't known. Before 1939 theories were suggested to explain the source of the energy. This concept needs to be rejected in view of observations. Observations show that the mass of sunlight is about 1029 tones. If the sun were composed of coal its age could not have been over 5000 years. In contrary to this, the sun was burning for longer than that. Evidence ion this favor was acquired from the record of fossils of life forms as old as 600 centuries old. These living bodies couldn't have existed without the sun's energy. 
solar power. How it was made
By this method, it became possible to identify the components within the material. This way is based on the fact that every component emits light. For instance, sodium emits light of wavelengths 589.2 nm and 589.6 nm. No other component emits light of those wavelengths. A material when excited by a way such as by heating, bypassing discharge or bypassing electrical current begins emitting light. This light, when passed through a prism, splits into radiations of various wavelengths and undergoes dispersion. In the order of increasing wavelength, the radiations become organized after dispersion. The pattern of radiation after passing the light acquired is called a spectrum. 
From the own spectrum, it becomes possible to be knowledgeable about the radiations emitted by the substance's wavelengths. Since each element emits light of an only characteristic wavelength that differs in the light emitted by the order components, therefore, by identifying this wavelength of this light emitted by a material it becomes possible to identify the components present in the substance. The sun is composed of Hydrogen - The spectral research of this sunlight indicated that it contained this radiation of the wavelengths corresponding to the own spectrum of hydrogen. Therefore it was reasoned that this sun is largely made up of hydrogen. 

Once it came to become known that this amount is composed of hydrogen. Nevertheless, this couldn't be accepted as this correct explanation because the combustion of hydrogen couldn't liberate such a huge quantity of heat energy that we're receiving. Consequently, some alternate explanation was required to account for this energy of sunlight the right explanation for. This sun was given by this German physicist, HANS BETHE from the year 1939 enormous amount of energy emitted through Whenever this nucleus undergoes fusion to form the nucleus of a heavier component. Whenever this nucleus undergoes fusion to form the nucleus of a heavier component like.

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