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Discover new planets like Earth

hey guys, today we're going to be looking at eleven recently discovered earth-like planets new planets are being discovered all the time but which of these planets can we live on and which of these planets have another life form for us to communicate with well here are 11 planets we may be able to go to when the earth is one day destroyed in at least one billion years the world will be destroyed by the Sun.
 so we'll have to go somewhere else but before we find out our potential new homes in a billion years why not subscribe and press the notification bell - coming up first we have Kepler 22b.

 so this planet is 600 light-years away from us Kepler 22b however is near enough to the Sun for it to be potentially habitable this means it's an exoplanet it was discovered around eight years ago in late 2011 however this tail lots colder than Earth that's because it's double the size of Earth and further away from the Sun than Earth this means sometimes it can be over minus 22 Fahrenheit also instead of having 365 days like here on earth it has 290 days in the year that's because it takes a different amount of time to circle around the Sun if we did inhabit this exoplanet many people would get very rich as a lot of the country is all gases.

 so get ready for a lot more billionaires if we move to Kepler 22b not only that a ridiculous amount of this planet is all water this means we'd probably have to make man-made islands if we wanted to fit everyone in it and some even claims that unknown aliens could live there as there's.

 so much liquid for them to grow in next up is HD 855 12b so this one doesn't have such a catchy name but it does have some very cool features and it's very much like Earth much like Kepler 22b this is much bigger than Earth however this one is nearly four times as big as Earth also on this planet you're going to weigh a lot less that's because the gravity is only 1.4 G unlike it is on earth

 that's while you will weigh less you'll also be a lot older on this planet that's because the years are only 54 days long that means if you're 20 on earth in this planet he'd be a hundred and thirty-five this is because the planet is Title II locked this means one side of the planet will always be facing the Sun which means one side of the planet is a lot hotter than the other chances are everyone's going to want to live on the daytime side of this planet

 that's because one side of a planet always experiences day while the other always experiences night but don't think this means we couldn't live on this EXO planet this planet is actually still habitable and receives double the amount of light earth gets from the Sun astronomers also believe the planets may have clouds which would generate rainfall.

 but this planet is many light-years away and it would take over a hundred thousand years to get to this planet next up is Kepler four three eight B this exoplanet was discovered four years ago in 2015 and unlike other planets on this list it wouldn't take too long to get to this one only four hundred and seventy years this planet has an ESI or earth similarity index of 88% that means the planet is 88% identical to Earth in some ways

 this planet is even better than Earth it's larger and also gets more light from the Sun however this planet's atmosphere is not very strong and could be damaged by rays from other powerful stars but who knows maybe if we can solve this issue this will be the planet humanity goes to in the world ends next up is Proxima B Proxima B is an exoplanet which is only four years away from Earth 

and it was only discovered three years ago in August of 2016 instead of the Sun this planet is a red dwarf star called Proximus and sorry this is a similar effect the Sun has an earth which lights it up and gives it warm but why is this planet similar to earth well it has water and a lot more water considering it's 40 percent bigger than Earth

 but just one year on this planet only takes 11 days we'd probably have to have a whole different birthday system on this planet as aging one year only takes 11 days the only downsides to this planet is that it's very dark if you're a night owl then good for you is this planet receives all no lights and it's 

also known for its crazy strong winds which are more powerful than a tornado or hurricane next up is Kepler-452b this exoplanet was discovered recently in 2015 and when it was discovered scientists nicknamed it super earth that's because it's five times the size of Earth one year on this planet takes 385 days which means it's pretty similar to earth the downside is everywhere on this planet is as hot as the deserts of Africa that's because it receives double the amount of warmth from the Sun earth and earth dust however if we're going to have this exoplanet to be a replacement for Earth we need to hurry up and get there that's because it will take around 30 million years to get to even in a spaceship going super fast next up is Gliese 667c see this planet is actually more similar to Mars than earth but it's still a candidate if the earth is ever destroyed and we need a new planet it's quadruple the size of Earth 

so we all fit in just fine but this planet also very cold being around minus 18 degrees.
 so if you don't mind living on an earth mars hybrid take a trip to Gliese 667cc next up we have Kepler 186f this planet was discovered five years ago in 2014 it's very similar to Earth only it's ten percent bigger and a lot more rocky one year on this exoplanet is a hundred and thirty days and it will take us 500 light-years to get to this planet does not get very much light.
 so it's almost always dusk on this planet also like some other planets on this list this planet is tidally locked that means that one side is always facing the Sun at no matter what next up we have Kepler-62f this planet is billions of years old and is also known as a super-earth as it's much bigger than Earth when it was discovered in 2013 scientists.

 were stunned at how similar it is to earth big chunks of this planet are totally frozen as it's further away from its Sun than we are.
 so humans could actually live here thanks water and also aliens could too no one knows what's actually on this planet but aliens could live there and grow in the water right now this exoplanet is similar to how Earth whilst during the Ice Age millions of years ago.

 next up is Gliese 581g this plan is actually part of three different planets which are all very similar there is Gliese 581 C and Gliese 581 B, however, this planet is the most earth-like among them it's much larger than Earth and actually gets more sunlight than Earth does the only bad thing about this planet is that .

some parts of it are very cold some parts are habitable like cold parts of Earth but the coldest place on this planet is minus 370 degrees however it does have an atmosphere which could support water and human life too and finally on the list of planets which are like earth we have Kepler 62e this planet's surface is like rock.

 but it also has water and is much bigger than the earth this is another planet scientists call a super-earth another fun fact about this planet its years are only a hundred and twenty days long this planet isn't as habitable as some of the others on this list but it still could be a potential suitor if we ever leave Earth okay.

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