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12 Things in the USA That Puzzle Foreigners

      Hey guys we're going to be looking at twelve things in the USA that puzzle foreigners if you live in the USA you probably find the things you do every day totally normal.

 but to somebody on the outside from another country many of these things would be considered very odd every country in the world has different customs and ways of doing things and oftentimes to tourists and visitors these things can seem weird well today we're going to focus on just one country the USA and the things they do that puzzle foreigners everywhere before we get into it why not subscribe and press the notification pill to come up first we have prices if you walked into a shop in most countries and bought something for five dollars you'd expect to pay five dollars for it.

 but in the USA tourists may be confused when they pick up an item which says one price and then is asked for a different price when they go to pay for it that's because in the USA unlike most countries prices do not include taxes in most countries what you see is what you pay.

 but in u.s. say your receipt is likely going to be a lot more than what is actually listed on the item in the store to make things even more complicated sales tax isn't fixed it actually varies from state to state making it very hard to calculate for any outsiders next up is public bathrooms now this is something. 
12 Things in the USA That Puzzle Foreigners
12 Things in the USA That Puzzle Foreigners

I'm sure every tourist was confused about when they visited the USA around the world public toilets offer a lot of privacy but in the USA this is just not the case there are very large gaps on the sides and the bottom of bathroom stalls it seems almost a quarter of the door is completely empty and you can see underneath it online there are many debates about which kind of bathroom stall is better.

 but there doesn't seem to be one single answer as to why the USA has such big gaps in their stalls some say that the large gaps are for safety reasons while others say that the large gaps are for cleanest to clean the floors more easily and some also says to prevent people from using toilets for purposes they're not meant for.

 but I'm not sure what the main reason for the USA not wanting privacy in public bathrooms actually is if you're American and you're watching this comment down below telling me why you think this is and tell me what you prefer the world's toilets or the USA's toilets next up is drinking in most countries when you turn 18 you can go into a store and buy a can of beer.

 but in the USA there's a good chance you'll be asked for ID apart from Saudi Arabia which is found all alcohol the USA has the highest age limit for alcohol in the world in most other countries the legal age is 18 to 16.

 but in many countries in Europe, it would be very normal for a fifteen-year-old drink wine with a family meal.
 but let's say you actually are over 21 and you go to buy a beer in the USA chances are whether you're in a bar or a store you'll be asked for ID this concept is very confusing to many foreigners that's because in the USA people who are definitely over 21 will still be asked for ID in many places.

 so if you're from a different country you're traveling to the USA be sure to bring your ID otherwise if you want to get a drink you may as well be in the Saudi Arabian deserts next up is advertising now every country has advertising.

 but there are some products and services you won't see ads for anywhere else in the world except for in the USA one of these is pharmaceuticals in the USA if you turn on the TV you'll see adverts for medication and pharmaceuticals in most countries your doctor tells you what pills you need to take.

 but in the USA this seems to work the other way around and people can actually recommend things they want to take to their own doctor's foreigners will also likely be creeped out by the long list of side effects ran out after the advert another thing you
 won't see in many other countries is adverts for attorneys 60% of the lawyers in the world are actually in the USA and America holds at the number one spot for the most lawsuits filed out of any country on earth that's probably why you'll see divorce attorneys personal injury attorneys and many other attorneys advertising all over the place in the USA you'll see them on bus stops billboards and even on the TV next up is pharmacies.

 so we've already seen how confusing it is for foreigners to see pharmaceutical ads on the TV but foreigners will be equally as puzzles going into a natural pharmacy in pharmacies around the world things like pill augments and hygiene products are sold.

 but American pharmacies actually seem to be bad for your health pharmacies in the USA seem to sell well everything.
 but most strangely they sell things like candy and sometimes even cigarettes this is because in the USA pharmacies double up like convenience stores many of these stores will also be open 24 hours a day.

 which is another thing which is very odd outside of the USA next up is greetings this is something that always confuses first-time visitors in the USA when an acquaintance or somebody working in a store says how are you doing if they're not actually asking how you are in most other countries if you say to someone how are you doing they'll go into a big long explanation about how they are they may tell you what they've been up to and also how they're feeling about life.

 but in the USA how are you doing simply means hello so if you're an American and you're meeting a foreigner don't ask them how are you doing instead just say hello and how do you do and if you're a foreigner going to the USA and somebody asks how are you doing don't talk about your health or well-being just say good how are you next stop is tipping we've already seen how foreigners are often thrown off by the sales tax in the USA.

 but another thing that will confuse foreigners in the USA is the concept of tipping in many countries it would not be considered rude not to leave a tip after having a meal if the service is good you could put a few extra coins or leave the change on your table.

 but no Americans will be surprised to see that sometimes you can tip up to 20% in the USA and don't expect your server not to mention anything if you don't leave a tip they may ask you on the way out was everything okay or something wrong that's because tipping is seen as something you must do in America not just something you do out of kindness.

 so if you're planning on visiting the USA maybe take a few extra dollars along for the tips next up is sir if you travel to the USA you'll likely be called sir or ma'am a lot well don't worry they don't think you're some kind of world leader that's just customary in America in the USA especially in the south it's very polite to call somebody sir or man however in the rest of the world this would be seen as very over-the-top in the UK school kids may call their teachers sir and miss and when somebody gets an official knighthood in the UK they are called sir.
 but in u.s. say you don't need to do anything to be called sir.

 so don't take it the wrong way if somebody says that to you next up is food portions further when outside of u.s. say watching the movie supersize me they likely got a big surprise that's because in most other countries things like super-sized meals do not exist America is actually famous around the world for their gigantic portion sizes to put that into perspective a large in the UK is actually small in the USA foreigners may also be surprised when they go into a restaurant and see 20 ounce steaks instead of eight-ounce states December lean OTT from the USA a regular day may seem like they're walking through a carnival.

 but as long as you watch your waistline and don't eat too much it can be a lot of fun to try all of these gigantic foods next up is coins in most countries coins get their name according to their value for example in the UK there's things like a 1p coin a 2p coin a 5p coin in a 50 P coin the same is true for gyros and most other currencies.

 but not the US dollar people not from the USA will be confused and won't know what a Nickle penny dime or quarter really means a penny which is one cent and a quarter which is 25 cents is quite self-explanatory.
 but what on earth does a nickel or a dime have to do with ten or five?

 so if you're planning to travel to the USA make sure you understand the currency before using it otherwise you could get scammed and finally on the list of American things that puzzle foreigners we have waiters when you finish your drink and a cafe or a restaurant in u.s. say you may get refilled without even asking. 

but this won't happen in other countries in the world instead that would cost you a lot of money in restaurants and cafes in the rest of the world refills are not free another exclusively American thing is waiters always asking how's your meal foreigners will see that waiters come up to them a lot during their meal in America this is considered good and attentive service.

 but foreigners may actually see this as annoying and think the wait is disrupting their meal one reason why waiters in the USA to this.
 so much is because they want to get a good tip so if you're traveling to America bring your ID and bring a lot of money for a big tip.

 so it's clear America is a very fascinating and amazing country with some amazing ways of doing things some of these things, in my opinion, are really good for example the large food portions you get and the free refills are awesome too.

 but there are also some very puzzling things such as their public restrooms 

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